Image courtesy of Lawrence Lustig/PDCZ.W.A. Sports Management are delighted to announce that our first client Paul Nicholson has signed an extended contract.

The Australian star and former Players Champion has extended his relationship with Z.W.A in partnership with MODUS Sports Management.

Nicholson has been with Z.W.A. and his manager Will Lazar since moving from Australia to compete on the PDC circuit in 2009 and has revealed his delight at the new deal.

He said: “This is a huge boost for me and I’m over the moon to extend the partnership with the management team I’ve been with since day one.

“They’ve always had my best interests at heart and we’ve had some great times together but, perhaps more importantly now, we share the same vision for the future and where my career needs to be heading.

“There’s certainly a feeling of a renewed vigour and I have always known that I’ve got the right people around me. With that structure in place for the foreseeable future, it is exciting to think that we can draw on all the experiences we’ve had together to become better than we’ve ever been.”

Z.W.A. owner Lazar added: “I’m over the moon that Paul has chosen to continue our partnership. He is the first player I managed and we have enjoyed some fantastic times together.

“Or main focus now is getting him back to the top of the sport, where we all feel he belongs.”

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